• Monica Gianniti Brookbank



Monica also known as monjii was grown in Tooting & reared in Croydon. Born to Italian parents she has a zest for life & a great passion for food & art. Two of her favourite things are red wine & the smells of the countryside, but not always at the same time! Monica’s father charmed her into photography from an early age & she became enchanted. Monica sees the mystery within an image, bringing it out & evoking a certain mood. Her creativity is boundless, as she would say herself “ If I don't empty my head it gets very crowded in there” She draws inspiration from her life “When my father died in 2009 I turned to my photography & did a self portrait series to capture my grief. I think I wanted to see what it looked like.Death is a great inspiration, it reaches the very bottom of your being and scrapes out your insides leaving raw emotions that stir creativity” SEE SERIES HERE

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